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Name:C'taqa Tia / Taliesin Radiantsong
Miqo'te / Male / Seeker/Keeper crossbreed / 22 years old

A fairly proficient white mage astrologian bard, often called Taliesin due to his skill at such. Tends to get easily depressed. Has a serious case of resting bitchface. Totally not in love with Thancred, nope, not at all, you are just imagining things, no really. May or may not possess some interesting powers thanks to a certain eccentric historian he met. Enjoys helping people, despite his grr arg. Terrified of rejection, thanks to a not-so-nice childhood caused by him being a crossbreed.

Mancatte here is up to the current patch (3.4) and all the main story to that point has been completed. Here there (may) be spoilers.

Character permissions meme is here:

(RP journal for [community profile] nexus_sages.

C'taqa is my Final Fantasy XIV character. I'd thank you kindly not to be stealin' him.)
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